Integrated marketing promotion Yalla!Studio

Get multiple sales growth in the UAE and worldwide market
What’s in it for you?
Launch and development of brand awareness in the UAE and worldwide market
Increasing the number of touch points with the product through different channels and formats
Finding the most effective ways of promotions that work just for you
Adapting the brand image to a new region and its features
Promotion channels
01. Internal communications in the Yalla!Market application
Telling more about your product to the users of the application
Motivating the audience to buy through promotions and discounts on the product
Systematically increasing your sales in the application
02. Instagram showcase
Increasing brand awareness in the UAE market, showing the audience where and how you can buy your product
Broadcasting brand values through creative formats
Facebook and Instagram in 3 languages (RU, EN, AR) are expanding the audience
03. Targeted advertising
Most accurately finding a specific audience that may be interested in the product
Testing and finding the most effective ways to appeal to this audience
Increasing brand awareness and the probability of conversion to purchase
04. PR promotion
Appealing to audience segments that are not available through other communication channels
Guaranteed increase in brand awareness in the UAE market
Creating additional information guides with the participation of the brand and launching word of mouth
05. And something more
Influence marketing, trade marketing, market analytics
Creation local website with international delivery & item cards
Offline events, PR support, object shooting, typography
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